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Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Served as developer on forest carbon offset projects in managed plantations.  Developed all aspects of projects from delineation, inventory, methodology, modeling, analysis, financial, reporting, verification and validation.

bulletQuality Assurance Auditing

Provided a compete data audit of in house and external measurements on silviculture and genetic research trials on Rayonier, Inc. company landholdings in the southeastern United States

bulletRapid Assessment of the Urban Forest Following a Hurricane: Damage and Debris - University of Florida

Assistance with a two year study that will develop an assessment model for urban forest damage and debris estimates based on the severity of different windstorm events. The assessment model will provide city, county, and regional authorities a methodology for the prediction of the amount debris prior to and following a major windstorm event.  Funded by USDA Forest Service and the Florida Division of Forestry.

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