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Roth, B.E. 2010. Genotype x environment interactions in selected loblolly (Pinus taeda L.) and slash pine (P. Elliottii engelm. Var. Elliotttii) plantations in the southeastern United States.  Doctoral Dissertation. University of Florida. Gainesville, FL 32611.


Roth, B.E. 1994. Interaction of Seed Source, Competition and Fertility on Planted Douglas-fir (Pseudotstuga menziesii [Mirb.] Franco). Master of Science Thesis. Oregon State University. Covallis, OR 97331.


Lee, H., Slatton, K.C., Roth, B.E., and W.P. Cropper. 2010. Adaptive clustering of airborne LiDAR data to segment individual tree crowns in managed pine forests. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 31 (1): 117-139.

Lee, H., Slatton, K.C., Roth, B.E., and W.P. Cropper. 2009. Prediction of Forest Canopy Sunlight Interception Using Three-dimensional Airborne LiDAR Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 30(1): 189-207.

Roth, B.E., Slatton, K.C., and M.J. Cohen. 2007. On the potential for high-resolution lidar to improve rainfall interception estimates in forest ecosystems. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 5(8): 421-428.

Roth B.E., Li. X.., Huber D.A, and G.F. Peter. 2007.  Effects of management intensity, genetics and planting density on wood stiffness in a plantation of juvenile loblolly pine in the southeastern USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 246:155-162.

Roth B.E., Jokela E.J., Martin T.A., Huber D.A., and T.L. White. 2007.  Genotype x environment interactions in selected loblolly and slash pine plantations in the southeastern United-States. Forest Ecology and Management. 238: 175188.

Roth B.E. and M. Newton. 1996. Survival and growth of Douglas-fir relating to weeding, fertilization, and seed source.  Western Journal of Applied Forestry.  11(2):62-69.

 Roth B.E., and M. Newton. 1996. Role of lammas growth in recovery of Douglas-fir seedlings from deer browsing, as influenced by weed control, fertilization, and seed source.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research.  26:936-944.


Roth B.E., Martin T.A., Jokela E.J. and T.L. White. 2002. Finding the keys to unlock the productivity of Southern forests. Florida Forests 6:18-20.


Butnor J., K. Johnsen, B.Roth, L. Samuelson, and D.McInnis. 2008.  A case history of sampling for tree roots with GPR. In: Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics. Allred, B., Daniels, J.J., and M. R. Ehsani. Eds. 416 pp. CRC Press. ISBN: 9780849337284.

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